Real Estate Marketing Strategies And Trends In The Sector

The has undergone a great transformation in recent years. Social circumstances have changed people's preferences and needs regarding housing.

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Real Estate Marketing What Is It

Real estate marketing encompasses all those actions aimed at promoting and marketing all types of real estate assets for rental and sale. This discipline also pursues the acquisition of new buildings or properties for their subsequent commercialization.

Real Estate Marketing Trends

What is the next real estate marketing? The new generations have been born in the era of the image. In this sense, they demand attractive, professional, and surprising visual content. Below, we mention some of the real estate marketing trends.

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Benefits Of Real Estate Marketing Trends

We mention some of the real estate marketing trends.


Undoubtedly, aerial images allow us to obtain a panoramic perspective of the property and the home.

Home Staging

It is about presenting users with “the home of their dreams.” It has been shown that the buying and selling processes are streamlined through home staging.

Website For Real Estate

The Internet has become the main source of consultation for buyers.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Thanks to virtual and augmented reality, virtual tours can be carried out that allow users to visit various properties without needing to travel in person.

Video Marketing For Real Estate Agencies

Without a doubt, video has become a powerful marketing tool. This format allows us to present the properties and their qualities through an immersive visual tour.

Social Networks In The Real Estate Sector

Nowadays, a presence on social networks has become essential for companies in any sector. Through this channel, real estate agencies and construction companies can connect directly with their audience.

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Real Estate Marketing Plan

Although the conception of a digital marketing plan is a complex task, we start from the fundamental elements that can help you create a complete plan.

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Determine Your Objectives

Not only should you know the objectives of your business, but you must also determine the digital marketing plan’s objectives for your real estate so you will know where you need to go.


Analyze The Market

The first thing you should know is what the exterior is like. Observe your competition, understand what they do to promote their services, and find out how they attract clients. Discover how they reach people, the sales process they implement, and their prices – for instance, consider new condo launches in Singapore as a benchmark. Examine their value proposition, sales volume, and other key metrics.

Generate A Budget

It is necessary to know your budget; this way, you will know how much you can invest in each action, both in the economic sense and the necessary human resources.

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Prepare Your Action Plan

After you determine the objectives, methods for achieving them, and the necessary resources, you must establish a calendar to define what actions will be carried out.

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Online Advertising

Without a doubt, platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Google Ads… have become very profitable tools for online advertising.

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Know Your Audience

If you know who you are targeting, it will be easier to direct your digital marketing plan, and this will also help you obtain better results when you implement an advertising campaign on social networks.

Real Estate Seo

Many visitors to this blog post arrive or will arrive after using the term "real estate marketing" in the Google search engine since we know that there are a certain number of monthly searches under this keyword.

If the query has different words, but the search intent is aligned with the content we offer, we can also appear among the results.

Structure Of A Real Estate Marketing Plan

In this part, we will talk about the structure of your plan.

Current Situation

In this phase, we analyze your brand or business, your competition, and the current situation of the real estate market. Identify problems or areas that need improvement in your brand.


Once the situation has been analyzed, it is time to land the plan; let’s define the audience, objectives, strategies, and tactics. In this phase, we give solutions to problems we identified in the previous stage.

Planning And Budget

In this last phase, we define the plan of attack, a schedule with the next steps with clear times and actions, the budget to implement the plan, and measurement of the results that will be obtained.

Become A Content Creator

Create valuable content that communicates what you represent, educates your audience, and generates “leads” that you can later convert into super-fans.

Be Easy To Contact

If there is something that creates more credibility and trust, it is being visible to your prospects. Feel free to put your direct contact in all your references; you are in the market to do business and answer calls or messages. For every call rejected, a potential client is thrown away.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Studies have shown that 80% of internet users use their mobile to access all their activities. Review social media, do searches, enter web pages, and read books/guides… in short, it is vital that your prospects or clients can access all your content via mobile.


Content Marketing

In the process of purchasing a home or investing in real estate, users require much more information to be able to make a decision. Buying an appliance is not the same as investing in an apartment.

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How The User Arrives

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"The best areas to invest in housing"


"Talk with the expert ____ Why is it a good time to buy a home?"

Creative Real Estate Advertising

After this introduction to situate you in the current state of online advertising, we leave you with the essential steps to create effective advertising for your real estate agency.


Aspects such as image design, campaign content design, and budget depend on your objective.

Test The Ad

Before giving the OK for the campaign to be visible, test and review different versions of the ad: image and texts.


You help buy or sell properties, but your clients are people.

Take Care Of The Ad Text

It is the most important part of the online advertisement.

Offer Solutions

As we have mentioned previously, you must realize that when addressing people, they always have concerns or difficulties in solving situations in their daily lives, and you can provide solutions to those that arise in the real estate field.